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Welcome to Thompson Valley Composite Squadron!

Unit RMR-CO-147


Thank you for taking the time to visit our squadron and to learn more about the Civil Air Patrol. We would like to explain some of the expectations, processes, and activities that make up CAP.


In the hope of helping you to make a well-informed decision, please review this document with your guardians and seriously consider the commitment that is required to get the most out of this amazing program. The Cadet Program at Thompson Valley meets weekly on Thursday evenings from 1900 - 2100 hours. We encourage guardians to come to all three visits to most fully understand the Cadet Program. We also encourage you to fully investigate the websites at the end of this document and look for two things: activities that interest you and the requirements for cadets.


Meetings are held at: Primary: Liberty Common Elementary School, 1725 Sharp Point Drive, Fort Collins
                                   Secondary: Colorado Army National Guard Recruiting Station, 3324 Laporte Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521
 Meetings will have location listed in calendar if not at the primary location.

The Cadet Recruiter is an excellent resource for any questions you may have in the future. He will help you through the entire process of joining CAP. This process includes a number of steps including the following steps which are required:   

  1. Attend 3 Squadron meetings. Remember to sign in at each meeting to receive credit for attending.
  2. Submit an application ONLINE. Please do this AFTER your second visit at the earliest. This application must be approved by the second week of training, this means you MUST FILL IT OUT before your second week of training, or we cannot approve it in time. This is the link to the online application: https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.MembershipSystem.Web/CadetOnlineApp.aspx
  3. Pay the national CAP Dues. (approximately $45) You will be prompted when you fill out your application.
  4. Attend your second or third visit with your guardian and have the following items with you for a discussion with a Senior Member
    1. A photo ID and
    2. Your birth certificate
    3. Or a passport
    4. Be prepared to discuss the Cadet Oath in an interview with an adult member
    5. Bring a check for squadron dues ($50 annually)


Once you have had a meeting with an adult member and your application is complete it will be approved and you will receive an introduction email from the CAP.  The email will contain your CAP ID. Once you have your CAP ID, you can log into Eservices and start your online learning.


National Headquarters will mail a series of books to the new Cadet, along with their official CAP ID card.


Civil Air Patrol Cadets wear the Air Force Blues and ABU uniforms. Once the Cadet receives their first promotion to Airman, the Cadet is authorized to wear the uniform. Cadets will receive an email from National Headquarters after their promotion to Airman that contains a voucher for $100.00 valid to Vanguard Supply. The voucher is valid to purchase items for the Blue’s uniform. The squadron has a limited supply of ABU’s. After cadets officially join the squadron, we will attempt to fit the cadets in ABU’s.  If we do not have their size, parents have the option to purchase ABU’s from Vanguard. Squadrons are not able to reimburse this purchase. Name tapes, name plates, squadron patch, shoes, covers, socks, t-shirt, belts, are all purchases required for correct uniform wear. Please see the Vanguard shopping cart that contains a mixture of male and female uniform options.


PT Uniforms consist of a Squadron T-shirt or ABU undershirt, with solid black shorts or solid black sweat pants.  Or, a solid black T-shirt worn with solid navy blue shorts or navy blue sweats is also authorized. Shorts must be of modest length (just above the knee or longer and no sagging). Leggings are not permitted for female cadets.


The Cadet Oath is the foundation of the Cadet Program. Please read through it and be prepared to discuss it.


We have broken down the cost per cadet per year. There are annual dues you will pay online to National HQ at around $41. There are annual Squadron dues you will pay through a check or cash to the Squadron, these are around $50. Uniforms typically cost around $100 to procure, but then you only need to maintain them. There are Special Activities for the squadron, state, and nation with a wide variance of cost. Squadron Activities vary in how much they cost but we try to keep each activity under $30. Colorado Wing Encampment, which is a week-long training activity, usually costs around $220.


Cadets are expected to participate actively in the squadron, and many events cost nothing. Cadets are also expected to attend a basic encampment as soon as appropriate for their maturity level. Encampment is a military style training activity and is required for cadets to attend National Special Activities (NCSAs). NCSAs cover a variety of activities from Honor Guard, to flight, to business, and even politics. They provide opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere. A list of activities can be found online. We suggest that you find three NCSAs that interest you for your next visit so that we can get you more information. Please visit ncsas.com to view all the activities and their details.


Transportation may be available for cadets. For Special Activities, the Squadron will indicate on the sign up if CAP transportation is available. If CAP transportation is available, the meeting location will be identified, departure time, and CAP Form requirements. Once the Cadet’s application is approved, Cadets may use CAP transportation to and from the weekly squadron meetings. The CAP Van departs the Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL) at 1800 hours.  Cadets are dropped off at FNL ~ 2130 as coordinated with their parents.


Here are important websites that you should look at:





Civil Air Patrol provides amazing opportunities to those who are willing to take them. Cadets not only learn valuable technical skills but also how to be leaders of great character. CAP will push you to do things you do not think you were capable of. This growth comes at the price of hard work, but if you decide it is worth it you will reap great rewards.


If you have any Questions please contact the following:


Capt. TJ Hanley                1st Lt Jaqueline Poe   


Cadet Oath


I pledge to serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation.

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