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If you would like to attend a Thompson Valley Composite Squadron meeting; adult members, called Senior Members, meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Members begin to show up around 6:30, so don't be afraid to come on in if you're a little early. If there are no Senior Members nearby, a Cadet can usually point you in the right direction once you're inside. Meetings for Senior Members often run short and usually formally end closer to 8:00, however many members stick around until 9:00 to discuss various topics with each other in smaller groups.

Our meeting location is:

Colorado Army National Guard Recruiting Station

3324 Laporte Ave,

Fort Collins, CO 80521

We gladly accept prospective members at every meeting, so please feel free to come to any of our meetings. 

What to expect at your first meeting?

When you first arrive, feel free to ask anyone in uniform about where the Senior meeting is taking place. Once you find your way there, feel free to introduce yourself to other members. They will be glad to meet you and will probably ask you what are your interests in CAP. Shortly after 7:00, the Squadron Commander or a designee will begin the meeting. The first thing we do is recite the Pledge of Allegiance. We then usually have a short class either on an aerospace topic or a 15 Minute Safety briefing on a relevant topic. If there are any awards or recognition to give out, we do that and then we get into the nights topics of discussion. We normally talk about upcoming events such as Search and Rescue training, volunteer opportunities, Professional Development courses, as well as the current status of our aircraft, and debriefings of recently completed events. Lastly, we do an around-the-room, where we give every member an opportunity to talk about anything of use that wasn't already covered. When it gets to you, please introduce yourself and feel free to include anything such as why you want to join, or what you do professionally, or any military or aviation experience. 

When the meeting formally ends, be on the lookout for two specific Senior Members; the Personnel Officer and the Professional Development Officer. If CAP and TVCS looks like a good fit for you, those two will be your first step towards a successful membership. 




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